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A Newly described Pterosaur specimen of Thapunngaka shawi from the Toolebuc formation of Outback Qld. By Tim Richards, Paul Stumkat and Steve Salisbury

Paul, while curator of Palaeontology at Kronosaurus Korner in 2012 accession and prepared these two fantastic pterosaur rostrums the first one found by Lenny Shaw and the second by Ian Bool.
The reconstruction of Thapunngaka shawi, by Paul Stumkat, has been altered many times during the research process and will need to be adjusted further.
A sculpture of the skull is also being completed and will be available for purchase in either bronze or painted life-like.

Please contact Paul to purchase:

Paul Stumkat
Natural History Artist and Palaeontologist
Mob 0427 557 834

Official Artwork of Thapunngnaka shawi by Paul Stumkat.

Image of Thapunngaka shawi both rostum and dentary.

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Update of sculptures of an Axeman and Eric Reis for Killarney

After months of research and sculpting, Killarney has 2 more members for itís outdoor display.

An Axeman mounted 3 m up on a huge Tallow-wood log and Eric Reis the last of the Killarney bullockies. A humble man who took his bullock work seriously including a record in the Guinness Book of Record for pulling a semi-trailer with his bullock team.

Paul and the life-size sculptures of Eric Reis and the axeman.

Early stage of the axeman.

Axeman here is getting a spray-on underecoat.

Eric Reis is standing here completed in front of Stumkat Studios.

Early stage of the Eric, fresh out of his mould.

New sculpture of axeman Eric Reis for Killarney

Killarney Historical Society commission Paul to create a sculpture of Eric Reis, an axeman, to compliment the displays at the centre and create another icon for the Killarney township.

The model is seen in its first stage of clay over a wire armature. It has now been cast in fibreglass and will be reinforced with stainless steel to reduce the effects of vandalism ( should that occur).

Stay tuned to see the clay axeman, soon to be moulded.

Thanks goes to the Killarney historical society and Regional Arts Development Grant and Southern Downs Regional Council for their support.

Paul and the life-size sculpture of Eric Reis.

Original photo of Eric and the scene used for the new model.

New Ichthyosaur models commission for Kronosaurus Korner

After many months of research and study the adult female and juvenile are now hung in the BHP Cannington gallery, Kronosaurus Korner, Richmond, Qld.

I was the curator there for several years with this component being an important part of the gallery upgrade of which Bhp Cannington made a significant donation towards.

However the funds for these models came from 2 benefactors who were my laboratory volunteers for many years. Thankyou Gary and Barb for supporting our vision.

Minnee the baby Ichthyosaur, missing the snout otherwise complete, 190 cm long.

Gary and Paul with models.

Wyaralong Dam Sculpture Symposium - 2015

After 2 weeks of chipping grinding and carving there are now 7 magnificent sculpture above Wyaralong Dame. Artist selected were : Silvio Apponyi (Adelaide), Birgit Grapentin (Lockyer Valley), Radha Pedersen (Logan), Thomas Reifferscheid (Germany), Jacques van der Merwe (Tamborine Mountain) and Luke Zwolsman (Gold Coast).

Paul's 2 ton sculpture was sponsored by Beaudersertís Gosford Quarries and carved from a local sandstone around 250 ma old.

ĎThe Ancient Wyaralong Water Dragoní

An amalgamation of what is ancient and what is present today, this lizard skullís morphological elements have changed little since reptiles evolved over 250 million year ago. The skull emerges from the stone as a museum preparator would release a dinosaur from itís stone tomb.

Special thanks goes to the BADCAP team who went to great lengths to organize the symposium.

JULY Dinosaur Dig - 2015

I am organizing another dinosaur dig in July this year. Please see below details and photos.

We will be base again at Marathon Station where Rob Ievers and I will be sure to provide novel camp stories and tours of the best fossil hunting areas in Australia.

See below some photos of last years discoveries which were the most complete specimens of their kind discovered. Richmondichthys by Trevor and Maija Clarke and a Kronosaurus skull, proudly conquered by Theresa.

Click here to get the booking form. Please post or email it to us as soon as you can.

2014 - Kronosaurus skull, proudly conquered by Theresa.

2014 - Marathon Dino Dig Team

2014 - Trevor with Jeppy the fish at the Marathon Dig

Home of Stumkat Studios

'Stumkat Studios' is business incorporating 30years of experience and abilities in the Natural History Museum exhibition industry. Museum models, Taxidermy and public and private art/sculpture are a speciality.

Situated in the picturesque hills of Killarney, QLD, Australia, the business has the expertise and ability to produce work on site or within the studios. Museum and Movie Industry models are produced in hi-tech plastics to give authentic effects and appearance.
Artworks are often created in more traditional mediums such as stone, steel or bronze with variations according to the Artist brief or the client's wishes.

Paul was the Curator and Palaeontologist for Kronosaurus Korner for 6 years and contiues to work on material he collected over that period. Paul's contribution to the museum over that time helped turn a small outback museum into a world class dinosaur and marine reptile museum in Richmond - Qutback Queensland.

Recent Projects

Paul with his completed model and the now returned magnificent Richmond polycotylid he and Qld Museum staff installed in this specially designed case. Sponsered by BHP Cannington Community Fund. Paul's previous position as Curator and Palaeontologist at kronosaurus korner allowed him to undertake reconstruction and research on some of Australias most fantastic fossil discoveries.

Paul's 2 devon bullocks for the Killarney historical display.

New entrance feature to acknowledge Bhp Billiton, Cannington Gallery. Designed by Stumkat Studios.

Current Projects

We are continually working on new projects, some of which we will be listing here. Please keep check on this page to keep in touch with what is happening at Stumkat Studios!

List of current projects:

  • RADF Project for Richmond Shire Council in partnership with Kronosaurus Korner. Resin feature for front entrance to Museum.

  • 3D Reconstruction of the Richmond pliosaur now on display at Kronosaurus korner.

  • Repaint of famous Muttaburrasaurus sculpture in Hughenden.

  • Bullocky sculptures for Killarney historical display.




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